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Creative sharing remains a powerful tool to engage the imagination while articulating our visions, dreams, struggles...It's within this flow that the masses of silenced voices are rendered life, and it's within this flow that my own soliloquy began...
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:: Friday, July 04, 2003 ::

Assalamu Alaykum,

What do you see ?

what do you see when you look into my eyes?
does life exist within these depths
or are you met with yet another veil?

what do you see...

a reflection of my qalb?

do you see the hot engulfing waves of my nafs,
a fire reflecting the jahannam i harbor inside?

or maybe a certain wildness of a monster
whose ferociousness depletes my mind?

do you hear the dying moans of my soul
a clouded vision
or do you simply see a void
an endless black hole?

what do you see tell me...
do you notice the overwhelming shadows
of desires and illusions dancing
imperceptibly in the horizons of my heart.

before you depart
tell me did you catch the dying rhythms of my qalb
too beaten, worn out, exhausted
to attempt another rise?

don't ask me why
i shield my eyes and cry
for i realize it doesn't matter
between me and Him
there is no mystery...

just His Majesty unreflected in this lowly, dying, struggling


:: Maliha 6:28 AM [+] ::
Assalamu Alaykum,

Wilted Petal

A broken vow lies whimpering in the darkest recesses of my soul.
A wilted petal hanging on
to the last thread of survival
finally blown away by the winds of my desires.


such utterly vile bitterness.

accolades feeding into my shaytani nafs.


another demon is born.


:: Maliha 6:18 AM [+] ::
:: Thursday, May 01, 2003 ::
Assalamu Alaykum,

Silent Tears Flow on No manís Land.

May be I am naÔve to cry for the voiceless
Those armless babies and desperate mothers
When people are dying to go to war
People are dying in war
People are dying
All over
In the name of peace
And manufactured freedom

Are my scalding tears hot enough
To burn consciousness into humanity?

Monuments are built behind closed doors
Collateral blood irrigates lands abroad
When the masses wail who voices their woes?

Maybe I am naÔve enough to wait at the
Clutching my bags,
I am boarding the peace train
The one that has no destination
For the world is set ablaze
Fireballs of hatred
Spirit diffusion
Amidst this confusion my soul can no longer
Bear this searing pain

I call to humanity
A fervent echo
To the screaming silence
Of the millions
Wake up
Donít sleep through the
American dream
A grotesque nightmarish
Haunting bleeding mothers
Seeping the horrors
Out of their babies
Plundering the weeping earth
Gushing the blood of the
Dead fathers
Dead societies
Dead futures

Stand up for justice
Before the day you will be
Called to witness
The blood dripping from
Your own hands
Innocent eyes imploring
To know why
Our silence co-opted
Their torturous demise.


:: Maliha 9:29 AM [+] ::
Assalamu Alaykum,

Awakening Reflections

I contemplate creation as I move in the daily rhapsody of
My existence
The perfection of this universe never fails to send shivers
Through my essence
I stare at the ever changing shades of skies
The rising of the sun
Resplendence of the moon
The mountainous heights
The pulsating depths
The very breath that sighs
And finally dies

Each atom vibrating through
Itís destiny
Magnifying the Most High

How many signs of our Lord
Can we justly deny?

A path has been laid for all
Of mankind
Our potential to reach
To rise and to teach
All lingers inside
Waiting for the day that
We decide to become
UN Blind

Mental stagnation has ruined
Our minds
Imposters, idols, scattered senses
The dajjal era finally commences
As the elite implement their corrupt
Working hard to keep our spiritual
Worths depleted
As they excavate mother earth
To squandor the
Wealth for their unquenchable
Working hard to keep our spiritual worths
Dajjalís mission is almost completed

Techniques constantly finessed to project
Keeping humanity too busy to hear
Their heartís survival cries
Living for an illusive dream
Driven by our nightmarish reality
Hands raised to the sky
Trying to capture lifeís true quality
As our true purpose lies like broken
Reflections mirror the tears coming out
Of our soulsí lonely eye
Potential energy lies wasted
As we slowly and painfully die

I reflect on the perfection of the
Ceaselessly wondering why
Praying for the day we will
Collectively wake up and realize
Time is of essence
And our essence is begging to

Waiting for the day we will
In our depths each atom vibrates
Magnifying the Most High

A sign in front of Allah we
Will never be able to justly

-Maliha Balala

:: Maliha 9:26 AM [+] ::
Assalamu Alaykum,

A Womanhood Defiled:

Her blood curdling screams
Pierced the skies
As Mother earth wept her gushing
A womanhood defiled
Dignity reviled
For pagan customs wrapped up
In an Islamic disguise

She lay broken
A twelve year old
Mutilated beyond repair
Millions suffering in silent despair
Tangled within menacing roots
Of ignorance
No strength
No resistant voice to declare
No vision beyond a disconsolate empty stare

Diseases ravage her body
Battling with excruciating menstruations
Urinary tract infections
Of her husband she is petrified
Of childbirth horrified
She battles this senselessness
In the dark weeping shadows
Of her mind,
Captive of her only sin
A womanhood reviled

A twenty first century society
Still wallowing in darkness
The second onset of the era
Of ignorance
It is our duty to
Awaken the slumbering conscience
Spread the true teachings of His
To restore the pure dignity
Of a girl's innocence
And nurture the woman's
Into folds of eternal sacredness.

-Maliha Balala

:: Maliha 9:26 AM [+] ::
Assalamu Alaykum,

Have you all seen Bowling for Columbine? Check it out if you haven't..its timely and informative...Michael Moore deserves mad props for his efforts. May Allah reward him and guide him further to the truth. I wrote this poem as a tribute. Its not all that..just my stream of consciousness after i saw the movie...enjoy.

Bowling for Columbine

Stark reality of US hypocrisy
Gun totting NRA to Lockhead and Martin manufacturing weapons of Mass destruction
To welfare systems of family disintegration,
This is the era of the Dajjal
Producing a culture of fear
Consuming manias
That pour out their grieve on the entertainment industry
Blaming Manson
But in reality the true satan dictates from the oval office
Dropping bombs around the world
Like santa parcels
While columbine children are busy shooting each other
A neglected six year old shoots another while his
Mom hustles her two jobs cuz Lockhead had nothing
Better to do, so their got their hands dirty exploiting
The poverty of this land.
Networks are busy churning irrelevant facts
Paralyzing the public with fear
While the world slowly decays
Truth is kept at bay
Because NRA controls what CBS has to say!
This is the culture of freedom
Freedom to bear arms
Turn children into manic murderous
And mothers to prostitutes
The freedom to be naked
And scared while the escapist industry
Is making millions the rest of the earth
Is dwindling
Poverty in America is rising
While obesity hits the scales
We struggle to lose the weight of our consciousness
From jenny craig to Tae Bo to liposuctions
Writhing in the culture of deception
Mass consumption
Fear and freedom suppression
Writhing in a culture that churns death
Spirit Stagnation
Mental saturation
Illusion suffocation
Mindless desolation
Its time to stand up and put an end to
This Rhythm-less nation
Let this work begin with our generation
As we put a new face on Soul Salvation
Desist our essenceís fragmentation
Rise up and say NO to these new age
Lets begin with Freedom redefinition
As we relocate to a state of higher submission
Because our lives our worth more than
Commercials and televised missions!

-Maliha Balala

:: Maliha 9:19 AM [+] ::
Assalamu Alaykum,

hehee, I aint single no more..but here's a li'l sumthin i wrote back in the day!
A single's Tapestry

My being is bombarded with images
Of flirtatious devices
Web sites cluttered with
Consumer madness tied to fragments of
My wishful hopes
My fleeting dreams
Empty promises bearing the
Deliverance of my
Soul mate

ďLower your gaze ya nafsĒ
I struggle to hold on to the
As illusions of true love
Stream constant rivers in high

I am weaving
A singleís tapestry
In a world of jest
Holding on to remembrances
This life is but a Test

Relishing in the highest
Adamís soul was still amiss
A consort he prayed for to
The bitter sweetness of love
The cooling waters for his
Thirsty eyes

I pray for strength as
I make my way through
This earthís fires
Yusuf denied Zuleikhaís
Passionate desires
Forfeited His freedom
Denounced false love
As Deceit swallowed only
By liars

In pairs we are created
Our search for tranquility
Temporarily Insatiated

Yet for those who know
It is only in True Loveís nest
Our weak souls finally lie at rest

Yet for those who know
it's only within the eternal glow
Of loving the perfect embodiment
Of the very Best
That makes us realize only
is worthy
Of our soulís conquest.

I am simply weaving
A singleís tapestry
In a world of jest
Letís hold on to remembrances
This life is nothing but a fleeing test.

-Maliha Balala

:: Maliha 9:07 AM [+] ::
Assalamu Alaykum,

In the bitter sweetness of our nights.

The blessings we canít simply recount
The beauty we can not begin to announce
Hearts wrapped in the Mercy of the Divine
Senses controlled
Desires kept in line
Itís more than just a fast
The embodiment of an essence
That ever lasts

The canvas of the night
Paints all our prayers
The depth of our calls
Whispering hopes and fears
Winds of Mercy dampening
All our tears

Hardened hearts caved in
Remembrance of all
Grotesque sins
Bleeding till dawn
Tasting the bitter sweetness
Of an Iman forgone.

We pray in the solitude of
Our secure nights
While true Mujahideen
Are fighting for survival rights
Reminiscing past victories
From Badr to Al Quds
Praises of Allah on their lips
They keep marching through
The revolving doors
Of repeating histories

Bleeding till dawn
Tasting the bitter sweetness
Of Martyrdom so strong
Fragrances of Jannah
Whispering ďHome
Sweet HomeĒ.

The canvas of the night
Paints all our prayers
The winds of His Mercy
Cradle our Hopes and

Auspicious days go by
Before we know the
Month has run dry
Tears creep in the softness
Of My sheets
Have I fulfilled my part?
Oh sweet Ramadhan
Will I witness your
Sacredness again
Before my soul this
Earthly body departs?
Time waits for no one
She is so hard to keep
I hold this moment close
As my soul begins to

For the sadness of our
For my brothers and
Sisters dying
For their faith
For remembrances of
His Grace
For dying to submit
Before death claims our

Itís the month of surrender
The days to return
Bleeding till dawn
Tasting the bitter sweetness
Of a Ramadhan
That tarries but a moment
Before like yesterday's fleeting breeze
She is finally gone.

-Maliha Balala

:: Maliha 9:00 AM [+] ::

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